Eliminate Defects and Mistake Proof to Build Reliably

It is possible to proactively identify and classify yield limiting defects to build reliable product and control waste.

It is Possible to Recover Production Losses due to Defectivity Challenges

High Inventory Cost

Without closed loop tracking of material sourcing and testing, non-conforming parts disrupt the flow of production and waste manpower.

Reduced Part Reliability

Without transparent, consistent, and complete communication of non-conforming materials, failure recurs at costly frequency.

Defect Classification Costs

Without automatic capture and reporting of non-conformance failures, communication suffers with suppliers and customers.

The Sentient Assistive Intelligence Solution

Improve product quality by proactively identifying sources of defects, revealing a clear path to defect reduction and increase yield. Automated Real-time reporting, forecasting and identification of top opportunities drives continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations.

Defect Tracking, Classification with integrated Assistive Intelligence

  • Cloud-Based Integrated Data collection -- Collect all inspection and quality data easily with integrated SPC to detect, auto-classify and receive automated notifications in real-time.
  • Pareto, Commonality, Non-conformance Trend Analysis -- Historical analysis with quality score generator and customizable reporting dashboards help you quickly catch and act on issues.
  • Root Causes Analysis and Forecasting -- Easy drill in and lot history to quickly access data to perform correlations, predictive analysis for improved visibility and forecasting.  
  • Deep Learning and AI -- Easily extend capabilities for defect management via supervised and unsupervised learning models to unlock hidden sources of variation.

It's possible to build smarter with Sentient!

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