Supplier Integrated Awareness to Build

with Consistent Excellence

It is possible to know every process detail to determine exactly where quality is diminished, to what degree, how frequently, and why.

It's Possible to Solve Your Production Challenges

Parts Material Disruption

Without closed loop tracking of material sourcing and testing, non-conforming parts disrupt the flow of production and waste manpower.

Material Inadequacies

Without a correlation between incoming parts and statistically confident control monitoring, high manufacturing demand can impact incoming part quality.

Tool Matching

Without continuous quality checks on machinery making critical parts for assemblies, the slippage of molds, cuts, and more can result in volumes of unusable material.

The Sentient Assistive Intelligence Solution

Increase uptime and on-time delivery as parts and jobs won't be scheduled unless source inventory is available. Reduce just-in-case inventory with real-time awareness of your entire supply chain. Capture costs more precisely and directly from the manufacturing process as production occurs.

Supplier Integrated Assistive Intelligence

Real-time visibility of all supplier sourcing, production, and shipping provides intelligent insight to ensure proper material availability and quality for on-time, consistent production with expected excellence.

  • Incoming Quality Assurance -- Sentient tracks your incoming materials throughout the supply chain to ensure that the parts are of the necessary quality before they even arrive for assembly.
  • Reduce inventory -- Get rid of just-in-case inventory, because inventory records are constantly updated with new production, scrap and non-conforming material. purchasing, shipping and scheduling teams will know real-time of shortages & overstocks.
  • Capture costs more precisely -- Labor, scrap, downtime, tooling and other costs can be captured directly from the shop floor as they occur. This makes the information more reliable and actionable for business.

It's possible to build smarter with Sentient!

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