Material Tracking to Build On Time with Less Waste

It is possible to know exactly where production waste is occurring, to what extent, why, and what to do about it.

It's Possible to Solve Your Production Challenges

Constrained Production

Without real-time tracking and dispatch compliance, manufacturing processes can't advance.

Inventory Overhead

Without real-time inventory, overhead costs are high to ensure materials are ready for complicated BOM assemblies and tight delivery schedules.

Cost Overruns

Without real-time capture of all manufacturing costs... labor, scrap, downtime, tooling, etc... excess expense reduces competitiveness.

The Sentient Assistive Intelligence Solution

Increase uptime and on-time delivery as parts and jobs won't be scheduled unless source inventory is available. Realize just-in-time inventory with real-time awareness of your entire supply chain. Capture costs more precisely and directly from the manufacturing process as production occurs.

Material Tracking Assistive Intelligence

Real-time visibility of all production orders with rule-based manufacturing prioritization and material pegging creates tremondous savings with just-in-time inventory and job scheduling.

  • Bill of Materials Assessment and Status -- Critical / non-critical parts inventory status. Rule-based automated part/material pegging. Integrated commands to perform transactions with ERP.
  • Rule-Based Dispatch Management -- Rule-based dispatch priority by work center and step. Real-time tracking at step (Queue, InWork, OnHold). Integrated commands to perform transactions with ERP.
  • Real-Time Work-In-Progress (WIP) Tracker -- Real-time tracking visibility of all production orders. Rule-based manufacturing order priority. Bill of materials and critical parts status. Integrated commands to perform transactions with ERP.

It's possible to build smarter with Sentient!

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