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It is possible to produce products cost effectively in the United States. To compete with foreign manufacturing options, you need a platform that enables you to build smarter than ever.

Sentient HelpS You to Build Smarter and Cheaper in the U.S.A.

Assistive Intelligence =

Less waste. Less manpower. More quality yield.

Less Waste

The sheer volume of output that is possible overseas allows for a degree of waste of supplies and assembled products. In the U.S., waste must be eliminated to account for higher production cost in order to be competitive.

Less Manpower

In international manufacturing, the low cost of labor makes it possible for armies of factory workers to produce great yields. Output of similar size in the U.S. necessitates the use of smarter automation to enhance a smaller workforce.

More Quality Yield

With smarter production using assistive intelligence tools from Sentient, waste is nearly eliminated, and the smallest possible workforce is all it takes to build products of a quality that meets or exceeds overseas manufacturing.


We are making A.I. for factories as easy and more helpful than your smartphone assistant!

We created Sentient to resolve the very challenges and frustrations you likely experience. We tried to eliminate waste and improve yield quality by using a collection of common tools... spreadsheets, emailed work orders, quality inspection reports, customer feedback surveys, etc.

They all lacked the integrations needed to deliver real-time insights into quality of parts, loaded labor costs, production yield, and defect tracking. We solved those shortcomings.

The incredible efficiency of Sentient cloud-based assistive intelligence propelled our production ROI to new heights. The innovations we refined over many years are available to you to reap quick benefits. The ease and speed of near-infinite scale enables you to confidently ramp up production to meet demand surges while ensuring quality standards are met and waste is constrained. Real-time metrics feed back into the brain of the Sentient platform to constantly improve the intelligent insights that you receive.

making domestic manufacturing affordable again

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For decades, the prevailing thought has been that domestic factories cannot compete with the cost efficiencies of foreign manufacturing. Overseas labor made it cheaper to ship completed products from far away all while absorbing the cost of waste and lost yield from distant quality controls.

The foreign advantage is no longer the case. Though labor remains more expensive in the U.S., technological advances, like Sentient, have leveled the playing field. It is now possible to build smarter to nearly eliminate waste, maximize manpower, and produce with exceptional agility.

Products are now able to be "Made in the U.S.A." at far less cost than just a few years ago. Assembling closer to customers decreases shipping costs and allows for customizing output for increased profit margin and brand loyalty.


Innovation in American Manufacturing and Technology


The American System of Manufacturing becomes popular through the implementation of interchangeable parts and mechanization.


Ford develops first moving assembly line.


The first industrial robot application takes place at a General Motors plant in New Jersey.


First personal computer developed by IBM.


Technology companies gain the ability to combine technology with gestures; a whole new era of automation in manufacturing begins.

industry 4.0

2014 -

The rise of Industry 4.0. 

Modern innovation is revolutionizing the industry with the creation and implementation of more autonomous data learning systems.

IN their words

Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Industry

"The decade ahead will reshape global manufacturing as demand grows, technology unlocks productivity gains, and companies find growth in new parts of the value chain—all of which creates an opening for US manufacturing to turn things around."

McKinsey Global Institute 


"It's relatively easy to make a prototype but extremely difficult to mass manufacture a vehicle reliably at scale. Even for rocket science, it's probably a factor of 10 harder to design a manufacturing system for a rocket than to design the rocket. 

Elon Musk

Founder, TESLA


"Supported by senators from both major political parties, the most recent bill—termed the American Foundries Act of 2020—shows the growing importance of the semiconductor industry to the American economy."

Jake Hertz

all about circuits, 7/3/20

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