Real-time SPC Data Analytics to Build Correctly Every Time

It is possible to build anything the right way the first time and every time with the best, real-time data insights into the entire end-to-end production process.

It's Possible to Solve Your Production Challenges

Tight Customer Tolerances

Without visibility of line health and frequency of errors, it is tougher than ever to satisfy a customer's increasingly stringent product quality tolerances.

Scrap Reduction Expectations

Without full integration of data across operations to monitor scrap output, it is difficult to implement cost-reduction strategies required by competitive markets.

Numerous Failure Modes

Without standardized action plans to clearly identify opportunities for mistake proofing and failure-mode knowledge sharing, valuable labor time is wasted chasing problems.

The Sentient Assistive Intelligence Solution

Streamline your process control monitoring and transparency by integrating all data collections across manufacturing and business operations. The overhead of having to save, tabulate, analyze, and report data is eliminated. Clear and standardized, electronic Out-of-Control-Action-Plans (eOCAP) in conjunction with Violation State Tracking enable precise identification of opportunities for mistake proofing.

Real-Time Statistical Process Control Assistive Intelligence

Integrated analysis and Real-Time SPC monitoring with Sentient™ cloud-based assistive intelligence system provides full transparency and process control while improving overall manufacturing efficiency

  • Automated Data Aggregation -- Integration of all data across operations allows streamlined process controls without extraneous reporting overhead.
  • Electronic Out-of-Control-Action-Plans (eOCAP) with Violation State Tracking -- Standardized action plans deliver clarity of failure modes and causes to clearly identify opportunities for mistake proofing.
  • Health-of-Line Reporting -- Health-of-Line visibility assures key process controls are kept in check for production to satisfy customer requirements and expectations.

It's possible to build smarter with Sentient!

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