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Collection DMS

Application of the SENTIENT Data Collection module allows for efficient standardization of features and parameters across multiple aspects of the total manufacturing operation.

Data Access and Visualization

SENTIENT reduces your dependency on "off-line" systems and provides an ease of use and comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting. This includes: Lot History, control charts, ANOVA, Failure Mode Analysis, and Commonality Reporting based on material grade classification.


SENTIENT Analytics provides an ease of setup to allow standard analysis to be automatically applied across a high mix of applications, with clear visibility to components of variation and customization options that are possible without coding or added resources.


SENTIENT offers distributed processing capabilities allowing rigorous multivariate modeling to enhance more complex analysis and automated learning.


SENTIENT offers machine learning-based insight into process variations, commonality identification, lot history, and defect tracking with drill-downs.


SENTIENT offers machine learning-based insight into process variation and commonality identification. 

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