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Collection DMS

SENTIENT for data collection provides multiple modes of automated collection and direct entry with plausibility checks to assure data integrity. With SENTIENT's KPI Level functionality, CoC based parameters can be automatically assigned.

Data Access and Visualization

SENTIENT provides standardized data access for pulling data originating from multiple sources. Analytics toolbox and Configurable reporting gives an efficient approach to apply standard analysis and reporting across many operations. SENTIENT's truly web-based cloud setup also provides ease of access from multiple devices within and outside the manufacturing location.


SENTIENT provides a full suite of standardized analytics that can be applied to all process parameters of interest, without the dependency on human resources.


SENTIENT offers a full suite of QMS tools with build reporting and audition capability.


SENTIENT offers a fully comprehensive SPC platform with Desirability Index to assure healthy chart setups as well as Reset handling features for more accurate statistical baseline tracking.


SENTIENT offers a comprehensive and customizable reporting platform.

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