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Collection DMS

SENTIENT integration would allow further extendability to tie all data sources and be ready for in-depth, big data analysis.

Data Access and Visualization

SENTIENT is structured to apply AI against your company's big data, and provide insight to quickly identify and automate manufacturing and process optimization toward world-class quality output.


SENTIENT offers a full suite of Machine Learning based analytical tools for both continuous and attribute data for both supervised and unsupervised learning. A migration to SENTIENT will improve operational efficiency and lower operational costs with the same or better extendability.


SENTIENT offers you an opportunity to extend the real-time data to develop predictive models and forecasting, and make the leap into AI leveraging big data analytics.


SENTIENT offers a distributed database with parallel processing capabilities.  This allows machine learning opportunities to integrate existing parameters and identify and highlight new process control opportunities. 


SENTIENT offers a distributed database with parallel processing capabilities to apply machine learning intelligence, in order to identify hidden opportunities and highlight new areas of improvement.

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