Advanced Process Control

                                 with A.I.

real-time automated recipe tuning (Run-to-Run)

Run-to-Run (R2R) automation is an advanced process control (APC) solution to improve process capability (Cpk) and productivity. It utilizes AI/ML to generate prediction models based on inline data to optimizes process parameters in real-time.

The Sentient Assistive Intelligence Solution

Streamline your process control monitoring and transparency by integrating all data collections across manufacturing and business operations. The overhead of having to save, tabulate, analyze, and report data is eliminated. Clear and standardized, electronic Out-of-Control-Action-Plans (eOCAP) in conjunction with Violation State Tracking enable precise identification of opportunities for mistake proofing.

The Feature Highlights

Real-Time SPC Dashboards

  • Modern, configurable process control charts
  • WECO based trend detection with OOC/OOS tracking
  • Integrated OCAP with failure mode recording
  • Visualize 100,000 data samples within one chart
  • Annotate charts for visibility and traceability of key events

Integrated Assistive Intelligence

  • Hotlinks to preset insight reports directly from the SPC chart
  • 3 key insight reports (ANOVA, Failure-Mode, Pareto Analysis)
  • Identify out of family samples via ANOVA analysis
  • Knowledge base of common failure and assignable causes
  • Discover key contributors via 80/20 Pareto Analysis

Smart Management Dashboard

  • Modern, User-configurable performance dashboards
  • Easily identify and filter process with low desirability
  • Direct hot-links to Charts, Analytics and Capability Trends
  • Drive working meetings for faster decisions and actions
  • Hold process owners accountable from one report

It's Possible to Solve Your Production Challenges

Tight Customer Tolerances

Without visibility of line health and frequency of errors, it is tougher than ever to satisfy a customer's increasingly stringent product quality tolerances.

Scrap Reduction Expectations

Without full integration of data across operations to monitor scrap output, it is difficult to implement cost-reduction strategies required by competitive markets.

Numerous Failure Modes

Without standardized action plans to clearly identify opportunities for mistake proofing and failure-mode knowledge sharing, valuable labor time is wasted chasing problems.

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