Reduce Production Waste and Improve Manufacturing Yield

Know when, where, and why process inefficiencies occur that diminish production quality and yield ...and, how to prevent those losses.

Track your end-to-end supply chain and manufacturing processes to prevent waste and loss of quality.

the solution

Build it right the first time with assistive intelligence

Sentient assistive intelligence is a much better solution to achieve desired production output than using spreadsheets and canned reporting systems. Our suite of insightful, integrated services empowers you to more quickly and accurately meet tighter customer expectations, reduce scrap and wasted time, and consistently deliver superior quality. As a result, your products are built right the first time!

Flexible Cloud Scalability

Sentient's 100% cloud-based suite enables rapid, infinite scale that flexes as you need it without the expense of IT infrastructure and personnel.

Painless Implementation

Sentient can seamlessly and quickly enhance/transition your existing processes and data sources to our cloud suite for rapid results and benefits. 

Custom Insights & Support

Sentient's service suite can be custom configured to monitor uniquely specialized processes and equipment for specific and detailed actionable insights.

Most Popular Implementations

Collect essential data throughout your production line to monitor for material waste that negatively impacts your manufacturing yield and product ROI.

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Integrate with your suppliers' parts production systems to catch issues before they ship and prevent their problem from becoming your problem.

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Implement control metrics at multiple points in your factories to detect and classify defects before product quality and customer satisfaction suffers.

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Monitor process control plans to facilitate mistake-proofing and failure-mode knowledge base creation that provides clarity for product engineers.

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the why

We’ve been where you are

We created Sentient to resolve the very challenges and frustrations you likely experience. We tried to eliminate waste and improve yield quality by using a collection of common tools... spreadsheets, emailed work orders, quality inspection reports, customer feedback surveys, and more.

They all lacked the integrations needed to deliver real-time insights into quality of parts, loaded labor costs, production yield, and defect tracking. We solved those shortcomings.

Issue Detection

Know exactly where waste is occurring, and quality is diminished. Know to what degree and why. Even catch issues with suppliers before impacting your production.

Process Control

Be equipped with insights into existing work processes to continuously innovate current manufacturing methods for more significant ROI and competitive advantage.

Conformance Reporting

Maintain the highest levels of production certification as product failures and returns are reduced and customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue are increased.

Experience the power of Sentient

Let us show you how Sentient software will really work for you, your factory, and your brand. It’ll be most beneficial 3 minutes you’ve spent in a long time.

the future

A.I. Assisted Factories

Mark Cuban photo: Gage Skidmore source: Wikipedia Commons

Mark Cuban 

Entrepreneur, Television Personality, Media Proprietor, NBA Owner, and Investor

“I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters A.I. and all its derivatives, and applies it in ways we never thought of.” 

photo credit: Gage Skidmore

photo source: Wikipedia Commons

Marc Benioff photo: World Economic Forum source: Wikipedia Commons


CEO of Salesforce

“What I see is an A.I. first world, and for every customer… to be able to get a whole [other] generation of productivity out of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.”

photo credit: World Economic Forum

photo source: Wikipedia Commons

AI robot asking to help

We aim to make A.I. for your factories as easy and more helpful than your smartphone assistant!

Always Watching

Awareness is a critical first step to innovation. We must SEE the problems and opportunities, the successes and struggles of clients to aid their success.

Always Listening

Just as we must see what our clients face now and later, we must also HEAR what they have to say about their needs for their factories to succeed.

Always Imagining

With an ear to the ground and an eye to the future, we are able to IMAGINE manufacturing efficiencies that are automated and proactively insightful.

the WHO

Abeer Singhal Sentient

Abeer Singhal

Founder and ceo

Abeer has over a decade of experience in semiconductor processing and advanced manufacturing. He is co-inventor on U.S. patents in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and has extensive experience implementing advanced manufacturing systems for high volume and complexity products. Prior to his role at Sentient, Abeer has worked as an equipment technician, process engineer, advanced process control systems engineer, and manufacturing systems architect. He has a degree in Microelectronic Engineering. 

Abeer loves the great outdoors, especially biking, and is very sociable with a passion for technology and knowledge sharing.

Specialties include: Semiconductors, Process Control, Experiment Design, SPC, Automation, Programming/Cloud Technologies, Quality Management Systems and ISO, Customer Support Management, Lean Manufacturing, Technology Development, Design for Manufacturability, Device Characterization and Big-Data Analytics